Ice and Snow

Durango Roofing provides snow removal in the winter months. It is very important to allow professionals to remove the snow as damage can occur with individuals who are not trained properly  in snow removal. Many roofs have been severely damaged by those who feel they can do this but do not have the knowledge to remove snow properly. They also have several systems to thwart ice dams with heat; cables, tapes, and a product called Warm Zone which has additional information on our Vendor section of this site.

Durango Roofing is available to consult about the best option for your project.

Snow Removal

Durango Roofing has removed thousands of feet of snow. It does not matter if it is large commercial projects, or a small residence. The professionalism and knowledge base with snow removal is of essence so no damage occurs to the roof.  Many times when someone is not qualified, the roof can be damaged beyond repair and replacement needs to take place. This had happened many times with individuals contacting someone who does not understand the proper way for removal. The staff at Durango Roofing will give you an rough estimate and work takes place on an hourly rate. The efficiency in which they remove the snow attests to the small amount paid for removal with the peace of mind that professionals are taking the upmost care of your properties.

Ice and Snow Melt Systems

Durango Roofing installs different products for various needs of ice and snow melt systems. The minimum would be a heat tape places on strategic sections of the roof and valleys. It is also placed in gutters to maintain a free flow of heat which will  remove the ice and snow through melting. The next would be  commercial cables which are also placed on sections of the roof where snow and ice accumulate. These can also be placed under metal panels, or shingles, on the roof and valleys to thwart accumulation of ice and snow. They also provide a state-of-the-art system from Warm Zone which has a link for information under the Vendor section. This is a mat-like product which can be penetrated with no effects to functions. These are strategically engineered for compatibility with electrical outlets for eve edges and valleys and anywhere else there might be concerns with ice damming. Ice dams can do much damage to the roof, and when water backs up, begins to infiltrate the inside of the structure which can also cause much  interior damage. Maintaining a good system to keep ice and snow dams from forming is obviously much more advantegeous than trying to repair damage once it has occurred.