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Ice and Snow Removal

About Snow Removal

Durango Roofing has removed thousands of feet of snow, whether it was from large commercial projects or small residential ones. The professionalism and knowledge base with snow removal is of essence so no damage occurs to the roof.

The staff at Durango Roofing will give you a rough estimate and work takes place on an hourly rate. the efficiency in which they remove snow attests to the peace of mind that professionals are taking the utmost care in your properties.

Ice and Snow Melt Systems

Heat Tape

Heat tape is placed in strategic sections of the roof, valleys, and gutters to maintain a free flow of heat which will remove the ice and and snow through melting.

Commercial Cables

Like heat tape, commercial cables are also strategically placed on the roof where snow and ice accumulate. Commercial Cables can also be placed under metal panels or shingles on the roof and valleys to thwart accumulation of ice and snow.